A Destination Wedding Without a Hitch

A Destination Wedding Without a Hitch

A Destination Wedding Without a Hitch

This is a collaborative post about A Destination Wedding Without a Hitch.

A Destination Wedding Without a Hitch

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Destination weddings can be amazing, but when you’re in the planning stages, it often feels like you shouldn’t have bothered going the extra mile when you could have gotten married much closer to home. That’s because the logistics of getting married overseas are just a bit more complicated. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Here are some things that will help you to plan an amazing destination wedding without a hitch…

Be Clear on the Whys

It’s far easier to plan a successful destination wedding if you know exactly why you want to have one in the first place. Do you want guaranteed good weather? Do you want to get hitched in beautiful surroundings? Is there a place that has special meaning for you as a couple? Solidifying your whys will help you choose wisely and focus on the important stuff which is what you need to do if you want to avoid stress and plan for success.

Do the Math

A lot of brides and grooms are shocked when they start pricing up their destination wedding because they are under a common misconception that marrying overseas is cheaper. Sometimes it is, but many times it is not. It’s important that, before you set anything in stone, you do the math and ensure that you can truly afford to marry in your chosen destination in your chosen style. The earlier you can do this the better.

Send Out Save the Dates Soon

Even though it’s a special occasion, most people will not be able to drop everything for your wedding at a minute’s notice. If you want to have all your friends and family with you as you say “I do” on the beach, you need to give them plenty of warning to plan for the trip. As soon as you know the date, let them know too.

Do Your Research

If you don’t want to end up at a venue that’s crumbling or with photographs that are blurry, you need to take your time to research every aspect of your destination wedding. Google for a Venice proposal photographer who can take great location wedding photos too, check out reviews for villas and hotels where you could get married, speak to the caterers and check out their qualifications and do whatever you can to disaster-proof the day because you won’t be able to find alternatives once you’ve flown out.

Don’t Forget the Heat

If you’re traveling to a wedding destination that is typically much hotter than you’re used to at home, you will need to bear this in mind when it comes to choosing the menu for your reception and the type of clothing you will wear. So many couples underestimate the temperature and they end up uncomfortably sweating away or trying to eat food that just isn’t right. That doesn’t have to be you.


It’s not easy to relax when your wedding is so far away and it’s not as easy to communicate with the people who will be putting it together for you, but you must try to do so because if you’re stressed out, the big day will not be nearly as amazing as it could be, so do your due diligence, then trust that things will go well.

This is a collaborative post about A Destination Wedding Without a Hitch.

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