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Submit a feature (weddings and more)

Thank you so much for your consideration. Photographers, Vendors, and Real Couples, we would love to feature your special event such as wedding, engagement, elopement, anniversary, honeymoon, wedding related events, and vow renewals. Here is how you can submit your feature to us:
  • * Via Two Bright Lights -
  • * Via email -
  • * Via other services such as Drop Box, Google Drive, Pixie Set

What to include in your submission?

Depending on the type of event your are submitting, please review and include applicable items below:
  • * Event Photos
  • * Couple's names
  • * Story of how the couple met
  • * Story of the proposal
  • * Wedding Date and location
  • * Special memories from the day
  • * Color/Theme Inspiration behind the event
  • * DIY projects
  • * Advice for the couples
  • * All vendors that were involved in the event

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