What To Do Immediately After Getting Engaged

What To Do Immediately After Getting Engaged

What To Do Immediately After Getting Engaged

This is a collaborative post about what to do immediately after getting engaged.

Congratulations – you’ve just gotten engaged! Maybe this is something you’ve been waiting for a long time, or something that was a huge surprise but that you’re thrilled about nonetheless. Maybe you suspect your partner is going to propose and you want to be prepared. Whatever your situation, knowing exactly what to do immediately after getting engaged is important. Take a look!

Call Your Family

Chances are, they may have already told your family what they are planning to do. If this is the case, they might be waiting by the phone for you to call them already! You could call them or Skype/Facetime them to share the good news. Make sure they all know before you put it on Facebook or other social media sites!

Look For Your Engagement Ring

It’s becoming more and more of a trend for couples to choose the engagement ring together. If they haven’t presented you with a ring, it could be time to browse Tacori together or to arrange a day to go shopping for it. There are all kinds of reasons to choose the ring together, from getting the right size first time around to actually ending up with a ring that you’ll love forever.

Get A Manicure And Post A Ring Selfie

The ring selfie might be a little overdone, but it’s still a fun photo to take. Your hands are going to be stared at by everybody you speak to over the next few weeks so it might be a good idea to get a manicure to show your ring off to its fullest potential.

Plan To Celebrate

Plan a celebration with your friends and family. You might want to plan an engagement party, but it could simply be a nice relaxing meal out with the people you love. It’s an occasion you should commemorate, so start planning!

Get Insurance For Your Ring

You’d be devastated if anything happened to your ring now, so don’t delay the insurance process. Get insurance on it sooner rather than later so you can have a  peace of mind.

Take Some Time Off

Don’t dive right into planning your wedding right away. Be engaged for a little while first if you like and really enjoy it. Wedding planning is stressful.

Think About A Date

When you’re ready to start planning, think of a date. This could even be a date a few years in the future if you want to make sure you have plenty of time to plan. Once you’re set on a date, save the date cards ensure nobody plans a vacation or anything else at the same time!

Gather Inspiration For Your Big Day

Start gathering inspiration for your wedding and get planning! Leave yourself plenty of time and you’ll be much less stressed out. Don’t be in a rush to get married, as it’ll soon all be over!

Do you have any thoughts and ideas on what couples should do immediately after getting engaged? Leave them below. Thanks for reading!

This is a collaborative post about what to do immediately after getting engaged.

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What To Do Immediately After Getting Engaged

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