A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

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Choosing your wedding venue is likely to be the first step when planning a wedding. It’s certainly the most important step and you should take your time looking at venues. Here are some of the most important questions to ask yourself when choosing the perfect venue as well as some ideas on where to get married in order to meet your needs.

Traditional or alternative?

First you need to choose the theme of your wedding. Will you go for a traditional church wedding? Or will you get married somewhere a little alternative?

Barns, stately homes and town halls are some of the most popular alternative wedding venues. You then have the option of an outdoor wedding such as on a beach or in a forest.

Then there are the truly wild venues. As found on this website, you could consider getting married on a yacht. For a historical-themed wedding, you could get married in a castle. You could even go for something extreme such as getting married underwater.

What’s your budget?

It’s important to know your budget as it could restrict the types of venue you can afford. For those that are getting married on a shoestring, it’s possible to not pay a penny by getting married at your/your parents’ home. Outdoor weddings such as beach weddings may require only a small charge to the landowner and could be another option for those on a budget.

If you want an indoor venue, you’ll have to consider the time in which you plan to get married. You can save money on venue fees by booking these venues out of season or on a weekday instead of a weekend. Morning weddings are also a lot cheaper than afternoon weddings.

How many guests?

If you’re inviting lots of people along to your ceremony, you’ll need a large enough venue. In such cases, try not to get tempted by small dainty churches or options such as a yacht. Look instead for wedding venues with large halls or plan an outdoor wedding in which you could have fewer restrictions when it comes to space.

How far will you travel?

Some people like to travel across the world to get married while others like to keep it local. Getting married abroad could include all kinds of other fees to consider, plus your guests will have to be willing to travel. That said, it is certain to make your wedding memorable.

When should your book?

As already mentioned, the time in which you book can affect the cost. Summer is most popular for weddings – it’s the time in which you’ll get the best weather making it suitable for outdoor weddings, however it’s also the most expensive time of the year. Getting married out of season could make your wedding cheaper, but you’ll have to factor in the chance of bad weather.

You should always book your venue at least ten months ahead of your wedding day. Leave it any later and your dream venue may already be booked up on your wedding date.

This is a collaborative post about A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue.

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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue


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