5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue
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5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

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Booking the venue can be one of the biggest costs of organizing a wedding. If you’re on a tight budget, here are a few ways in which you may be able to save money on your wedding venue.

Get married out of season

The most popular time to get married is in summer simply because everyone wants the sun to be shining on their wedding day. Wedding venues tend to charge more competitive rates out of season (from September to May) in order to make up for the lack of demand. By choosing to get married out of season, you could save yourself a lot of money. May and September are some of the best choices as there’s still a high chance of sunshine.

Get married on a weekday

Weekday weddings are much cheaper than weekend weddings for a similar reason – they’re less popular. By getting married on a weekday, you could also save money on venue costs. Hiring a venue in the morning rather than the afternoon may also lower the cost in many cases. Of course, this could mean that your guests have to book the day off work, so make sure that you send out invites far enough in advance.

Use the same venue for your ceremony and reception

Rather than having a separate venue for your ceremony and your reception, you could consider having your ceremony and reception under one roof. You could also save costs on transport by not having to travel between two venues. Stately homes are popular options for this – you may be able to use different spaces within the same building.

Don’t limit yourself locally

Venues can vary in price across the country. By expanding your search and being prepared to travel for your wedding, you could save money. Generally speaking, venues in cities cost more than those in rural locations. There are sites online that can allow you to search for wedding ceremony venues and wedding reception venues. Remember to factor in the travelling that you and your guests will have to do and whether the cost of travel will be too much.

Have a backyard wedding

A lot of people don’t bother hiring a venue at all – having a wedding in your backyard (or your parents’ backyard) could save you a lot of money. Of course, this may only apply to those that have a backyard that’s big enough to contain all their guests. You’ll likely want to invest in some extras such as a marquee, chairs and a possibly an outdoor power generator – check that these costs don’t add up to the same cost of hiring a venue.

This is a collaborative post about 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

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5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

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