Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

This is a collaborative post about Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Couple.

Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

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Asking someone to marry you is a pretty big deal for the both of you. It is one of those moments that neither of you will ever forget… for better or worse. If you want to get it right and ensure that the memories of your proposal are good, check out these unique proposal ideas. You’re sure to find at least one that will blow your beloved away and ensure that you both have an unforgettable experience…

Use Your Pets

If the person you’re planning to propose to is an animal lover, why not rope one in to help you with the big moment. For example, you could draw up a cute sign asking just one question: ‘Will You Marry Me? and place it around your puppy’s neck, so that when he walks into the room, your bride (or groom) to be is overcome by the cuteness of the moment. It’ll make for some great proposal pics too.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

If you know that your beau loves a good puzzle, why not use it as part of the proposal. Make them work for it by creating your very own love-themed scavenger hunt with a ring or a question at the end.  The clues can be questions about your relationship that lead them to places that are important to you as a couple to make it even more special. Just make sure that the trail ends at the most romantic spot you can think of.

Take Them Away

Destination weddings are wildly popular, so there’s no reason why a destination proposal would not be at least as effective. If your partner is into travel, take them away to some place romantic, like Paris, Rome or Venice, and pop the question in a timeless beauty spot. To capture the moment forever, book a Venice proposal photographer and spend some time documenting every moment. Then head out for dinner at an authentic and intimate restaurant to celebrate!

Pop the Question in a Photo Booth

With digital technology taking over, photo booths are getting harder to find, but if you’re planning to propose to a quirky type, take the time to find one near you. Why because a fun way to propose is to take your lover into a photo booth for a fun picture session, just when the shutter begins to click, produce a ring box from your pocket, and catch her unexpected surprise on camera forever.

Fall from the Sky

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, and you want to propose in a spectacular style, your partner is sure to fall for you if you ask them to marry you while you’re free-falling towards the earth at speed as part of a parachute jump. It’ll be difficult to get the words out when you’re so high up, but that’s okay because you can simply attach a banner to yourself that he or she will see from the ground below. When you land, you can share a glass of champagne and start thinking about your future together.

Which proposal style will you choose?

This is a collaborative post about A Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Couple.

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Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

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