The 3 Commonly Neglected Issues about a Wedding Reception

The 3 Commonly Neglected Issues About A Wedding Reception

The 3 Commonly Neglected Issues about a Wedding Reception

This is a collaborative post about the 3 commonly neglected issues about a wedding reception.

The common issues we have when planning the big day can be ironed out over time in the lead-up, but so many of the problems that can arise, especially during the day itself, require a proactive approach. When the ceremony itself is all done and dusted, it’s time for the party to begin. The wedding reception/party should be a relaxed affair, punctuated with the formal meal and speeches, and there should be plenty of fun to be had too! But there are things that can arise to put a dampener on the afternoon’s affairs, so what are these things, and what can we do?

Inadequate (Or Over Adequate) Lighting

We can tend to think that because of the season, especially during the summer or fall, there will be plenty of natural light. But, what we can neglect, especially when we went to the venue 6 months ago, is that the lighting can be overbearing. If the reception venue has big windows and it’s a sunny day, you may find your guests somewhat blinded by the sun, which means you will have an abundance of photographs with your wedding guests squinting! Drapes are the answer to this as they can minimize the effect of too much sun. Likewise, if there’s not enough light, give consideration to little things like candles and tea lights.

Technical Problems

Problems with the tech won’t just have an impact on the music being played, but half the venue won’t hear the speeches, and it will make for a very difficult day for the people making the announcement. Technical issues are usually down to the venue, but it’s worth doing a thorough check in the morning. There will always be plenty of helping hands available just in case there are problems, and if you hire equipment, there’s no excuse to not test it in the weeks leading up to the big day. If you bought a dud sound system, and you don’t check it until you plug it in, you have only yourself to blame.

The Last Minute Worries

The wedding reception is all about keeping the guests relaxed and happy. Likewise, it’s about giving them the memories of the day packaged nicely. This means that there are little things that we can easily neglect until the last possible minute because the big things have taken priority. The wedding reception favors, for example, can be quite miniscule, and if you leave them until the morning of the big day to put them all together, you could find yourself feeling the pressure. In addition to this, you need to think about if there are enough snacks for the guests. If you hire a bar that doesn’t start serving until well after the ceremony is finished, and your guests are so thirsty, but there’s nothing available for them to drink, this could leave a lot of your guests grouchy.

You want your guests to look back on the big day and remember it as a casual, relaxed affair. This means focusing on the little things as well as the big issues.

This is a collaborative post about the 3 commonly neglected issues about a wedding reception.

The 3 Commonly Neglected Issues about a Wedding Reception

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