How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests

How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests

How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests

This is a guest post on How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests.

When planning the activities at your wedding, you should focus on the wedding entertainment ideas. That’s because you never want to make your wedding boring for the guests. You want them to have lots of fun and entertainment before heading back to their homes. That’s where you should take a look at the following wedding entertainment ideas.

You can pick one or more of these entertainment ideas and WOW your guests.

Get a wedding photo booth.

Wedding photo booths are ubiquitous. You can find such photo booths in almost all the weddings that you get invited to. However, it doesn’t mean that you should refrain from getting a wedding photo booth. You can still make the decision to get a wedding photo booth, and it can provide lots of fun and excitement to your guests.

There are professional service providers who can assist you with getting the wedding photo booths. They will come with props and costumes as well. You just need to pick the best place at your wedding venue to have the photo booth and entertain the guests.

Sax and DJ

You can think about getting both sax and DJ for the wedding. It will provide assistance to you with delivering the guests who come to the wedding with the best of both worlds. A DJ will usually fail to create a lively scene at the wedding unless he is a really good one. This is where a sax would help you with. You will also be able to enhance the colors by adding in some vocals, percussion, and other brass instruments. Along with these, you can add energy into the DJ set and get everyone to enjoy.

Ferris wheel

If there is an outdoor space, you can think about getting a small Ferris wheel. It can also provide support and assistance for all the guests to entertain themselves. The Ferris wheel you get will be able to provide you with an excellent photo opportunity for the guests as well. You can even think about getting your couple photos in front of the Ferris wheel. It is a good option available for you to keep the kids who come to your wedding day celebrations occupied. Parents would appreciate you for the decision taken to introduce a Ferris wheel as it provides them with the chance to keep the kids occupied for a while.

Bounce house

A bounce house is another great option available for you to keep the kids occupied. However, there are some upscale versions of the classic bounce houses, which you can even use to entertain the adults. The guests who come to the wedding and see those upscale bounce houses will never feel like they are adults. Instead, they will get into the inflatable bounce houses and have a great time. This is a great option available for all the guests to enhance their energy levels while taking part in the wedding day celebrations.


Acrobats will be able to enhance the vibe at your wedding with some exciting live performances. They are in a position to uplift the atmosphere at any wedding. Therefore, you won’t regret the decision taken to welcome acrobats to the wedding.

You will be able to use the tall ceilings that are available in the wedding venue to provide the support needed by the performance to go ahead and demonstrate their skills. Before you come up with the decision to use the ceilings, you should request permission. You can usually get permission from most of the wedding venues with ease. Then the performers will showcase their aerial skills and impress the guests. All the guests would love to capture pictures and videos of the breathtaking performances that they can see as well.


Guests who come to the wedding would love to take back souvenirs along with them. This is where you can invite a caricature artist to come to the wedding. It is another excellent wedding entertainment idea that is available for you to consider. You will not have to go through any difficulties when you are setting up a station for the caricature artist. Then you will be able to get him to draw caricatures of the guests who attend the wedding. To make it more exciting, you can get a custom border with the name of the groom and bride, along with the wedding date.


Karaoke can provide assistance to you by keeping all the guests at your wedding entertained. You just need to go ahead and set up an old school karaoke machine at the wedding. You can use a smaller podium to create a perfect venue for karaoke. Then you will be able to ask the guests to pick their own songs, or you can provide them with a list of songs. You just need to make sure that you are restricting the list of songs to those that are appropriate for your wedding. You can then get all the guests to enjoy it.

When looking for wedding entertainment, remember that musicians come in all sizes, ages, and shapes. Engog is one of the leading companies in wedding and entertainment services. They offer packages to suit every budget and time of year. Their goal is to make your big day a memorable one that you and your guests will cherish for years.

This is a guest post on How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests.

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How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests
How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests
How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests
How to Use These 7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to WOW Your Guests

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  1. My fiance and I are planning to hire a musical entertainer for our upcoming wedding because this will definitely brighten up the event. Aside from the music, I also agree with you that it would be a great idea to add a wedding photo booth in the event, and this will be fun, especially because they will provide props and costumes to the guests. Well, you have a point that having a bounce house in the event will keep the kids occupied.

  2. I love the Wedding Photo Booth. Also a fun idea at a Reception. Have lots of funny hats and outfits the Guests can put on. Give the a set of four complimentary pictures. Guests like to have something to remember the wedding by as well. Also, they will have good things to say about the Bride and Grooms Wedding. I still have a few of those pics on my Refrigerator. Very popular at Venues here in Southern California.

  3. Thanks for mentioning that you don’t want to make your reception guests bored so you should focus on entertainment. My brother is considering looking for a rock music wedding band for his reception because he was notified last week that the original performers were thinking of canceling. I think it’s wise for my brother to contemplate hiring a reputable band that can help provide great music so his guests can be entertained as best as possible.

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