12 Details To Plan A Wedding Reception To Impress

12 Details To Plan A Wedding Reception To Impress
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12 Details To Plan A Wedding Reception To Impress

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Your wedding is the most special day of your life, and while some people will tell you not to sweat the little things, it’s those little details that you’ll love planning the most. Adding some special touches allows you to bring your and your partner’s personality into your big day, and helps you to ensure the perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re looking to impress at your wedding, here are some key details to consider that will help you host the perfect wedding reception.

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1. Think carefully about your colors

While many brides-to-be will say that their wedding doesn’t have ‘a theme’, it’s hard to escape underlying colors that tie your day together. From your stationery to your bridesmaids’ dresses, choosing a color scheme that you love can help when it comes to planning all of the little details and makes it easier to whittle down the endless choices you’ll have to make as a bride. If you’re not into popular pinks and purples, why not consider some more unusual wedding color combinations instead?

2. Creating your dream table setting is easier than you think

Your table settings are an important part of your day – your guests will spend a long time there after all! There are so many options when it comes to table settings that it can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some of the most effective table ideas are the ones that feature a floral centerpiece, and minimal details to create a striking look. Adding charger plates to your table setting is one simple way to take your wedding tables to the next level, with a variety of colors and styles available to incorporate into the rest of your wedding design.

3. Some dinnertime entertainment always goes down a storm

The wedding breakfast can be a long part of the day, with guests having to wait a while between courses. It’s becoming more and more popular now to provide some sort of dinnertime entertainment to put a smile on your guests’ faces as well as give you something to look forward to as well. From singing waiters to a half-time quiz, there are plenty of great ideas you can consider within your budget that will liven up the wedding breakfast and keep your guests entertained.

4. Help guests get to know each other

Not everyone at every table will know each other well at a wedding. Besides, it’s a formal occasion that can take many people time to relax to be able to enjoy themselves. You can speed things along by helping your wedding guests get to know each other. Some wedding guest icebreakers are great to add to your tables to help spark up conversation and ensure that everyone soon settles into having a wonderful time. By the end of the evening they’ll be firm friends and tearing up the dance floor together.

5. Add lawn games for some great photo opportunities

Some of the best wedding photos are the ones where guests are being active and enjoying different activities, ensuring there are plenty of smiles and relaxed faces that provide wonderful memories to look back on. Some wedding lawn games are ideal for helping your guests to pass the time while you’re having your photos done, and with a second photographer to capture them in action – you’ll appreciate them too. There are lots of fun games you can bring to keep guests entertained, and you should make time to have a go yourself too!

6. Hire some pre-evening entertainment

While weddings are a day to enjoy, there’s always some time to fill as day guests wait for the evening guests to arrive and things take on a more relaxed note. This is the perfect time to plan some entertainment for your guests and can be an affordable extra to bring into your day. Magicians and caricaturist are just two of the many options you can choose for wedding entertainment that guests will love.

7. Add some personal touches for your guests

Some of the best wedding place settings are the ones that have a more personal touch. You could add a fun fact about your guest underneath their name to make for a good conversation starter around the table or include a photograph. It won’t take much on your part to organize, but it’s a thoughtful touch that your guests will remember and help them feel extra special.

8. Hire a photo booth

Whether you love them or not, photo booths make a fun and entertaining part of a wedding, giving guests something to take home with them too. A reputable photo booth company will have a variety of themed photo booths to match the details of your day, and will be worth every penny when you see how much fun your guests are having! Booth Boy Photo Booth Hire offer some fantastic rates and are recommended to help your big day go off with the bang. Get the props ready and enjoy the magic a photo booth can bring.

9. Don’t forget the kids

If you have children attending your wedding, make sure that you don’t forget about them when making plans for the rest of your guests. Kids can become bored and restless easily, so find ways to entertain them so that they stay happy and occupied, allowing their parents to enjoy themselves too. Some activity packs at their table, or some special kids-only entertainment will keep everyone happy and ensures that every guest at your wedding is taken care of.

10. Add some bathroom touches

It’s not uncommon at weddings today to see a variety of pampering items in the bathrooms. Some small baskets featuring breath mints, hair spray, band-aids, makeup wipes and other products are useful for helping people to freshen up and look their best. When guests have been there all day, it’s understandable that they’ll want to refresh to help them get ready for an evening of partying. This is a simple and affordable touch that will be greatly appreciated by your guests.

11. Put the detail in the cake

Wedding cakes attract a lot of attention at a wedding, and not just because of the taste. The aesthetic of your wedding cake can be sure to impress, with so many elegant, chic and on-trend wedding cake ideas to consider. A wedding cake that is unique and reflects your relationship and tastes will be sure to stand out. Choose from a variety of great flavors too to make your cake extra special. Ensure you get plenty of photos of your masterpiece before the cake cutting happens!

12. Add a lounge area

Creating a lounge or chill out area in your wedding is something that guests will very much appreciate, and gives you a whole other area to decorate and make beautiful. Hire some relaxing couches, add candles and even some table snacks to give your guests somewhere to take a step back and catch up away from the main event. Not everyone likes being part of a big crowd, so this is ideal for catering to everyone’s needs.

Planning the perfect wedding reception takes a lot of time and effort, but seeing all of those details come together on the day will make all of the hard work worth it. While you’ll want to impress your guests on your big day, remember that your wedding is ultimately about you, so make sure you factor in things that you’ll enjoy and look forward to seeing to help you have a day you’ll never forget. What are your useful wedding reception planning tips?

This is a collaborative post about 12 Details To Plan A Wedding Reception To Impress.

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12 Details To Plan A Wedding Reception To Impress


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