Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock

Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock

Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock

This is a collaborative post about Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock.

Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock

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A wedding proposal is a big moment. You can either sit down with your future spouse and introduce it as part of a sober conversation. Or you can come up with a large romantic gesture that blows them away. Which sounds like more fun to you? 

Coming up with a unique, romantic proposal idea, however, is a little tricky. Getting down on one knee and opening a ring box has been done a million times. You don’t want to be generic. Instead, you want to do something spontaneous and precisely tailored to your partner. But what? 

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re going to take a look at a bunch of unique and off-the-cuff proposal ideas that totally rock. Your fiance-to-be will love them. 

Propose In A Photo Booth

Proposing in a photo booth is one of the most exciting ideas out there, partly because it helps to capture your partner’s reaction for all time. 

Here’s how it works. You pop the coins in and then tell the machine that you’re ready. Then, when it is about to take the photos, you whip out the ring and propose. The idea is to capture your partner’s reaction in the moments that follow. Hopefully, it won’t be one of abject horror!

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt. It’s fun, and at the end of it, you get a nice, juicy reward. 

Usually, it’s a chocolate bar, but when it comes to a proposal, you’re better off choosing a round solitaire diamond engagement ring

Try not to make the event seem contrived. Rig it so that it looks like a spur of the moment thing. Give your partner a bunch of clues and then set them on their merry way. Let them find the ring and try to figure it out for themselves. If they’re a bit of a smarty pants, you might not even have to include a message. Just let them come to you and demand answers. That’s when you hit them with the question. 

Propose Once You Get To A Destination

Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock

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Proposing to somebody once you reach a specific destination is a common theme in wedding proposals. Walking to the top of some giant mountain and getting on one knee is something that millennials make a habit of doing. 

You can make your destination proposal a little less generic, though. What about going caving and then whipping out the ring while hundreds of feet of rock surround you? 

How about making your move after dashing behind a waterfall? 

What about making a pilgrimage to your favorite eaterie?

The options are pretty much endless. Make your choice, and stick with it. 

Write A Poem With A Marriage Proposal Thrown In At The End

Poems and love go together like crackers and cheese. There’s just something about them that gets your romantic juices flowing. 

When it comes to writing an engagement poem, though, you have to do things a little differently. Yes, you want to make it enjoyable, but you also want to chuck in the central line at the end where you ask your partner to marry you. 

The best poems are those that combine the proposal with something personal and funny. You want to make them laugh and then hit them with the big question. It’ll grease the wheels. 

Do It While Taking Part In Your Favorite Extreme Sport

Some couples get together because of a shared passion for some kind of extreme sport or activity. It could be mountain biking, windsurfing, rock climbing, or paragliding. Whatever it is, try to bring it into your marriage proposal. It’ll add a bit of continuity to your relationship, especially if you met your partner while doing one of these activities. 

Create A Marriage Proposal Jigsaw Puzzle

There are a bunch of companies out there who do personalized puzzles. You just upload your design or idea, and then they’ll get on with the rest. 

So here’s the idea: you create a puzzle that poses the big question. Then you give it to your partner and ask them to complete it. 

Obviously, you don’t want it to be thousands of pieces. It’ll take them months to figure it out. Make it simple and then watch the wheels in their head turn. 

Casually Propose On A Ferris Wheel

Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock

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This one is pretty simple. You just head to your nearest amusement park, find a nice, relaxing Ferris wheel, and then pop the question. 

This is a collaborative post about Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock.

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Proposal Ideas That Totally Rock

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