Five Budget Wedding Services to Avoid

Five Budget Wedding Services to Avoid

Five Budget Wedding Services to Avoid

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We all know just how expensive it can be to have a wedding. There are countless expenses to think of and it’s easy to spend several thousand for even a “budget” wedding. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to cut down on your expenses and look for cheaper alternatives to otherwise expensive services. Unfortunately, that’s not true for everything.

There are actually plenty of budget wedding services that we should actually avoid. Sure, it helps to save money here and there, but we’ve put together a list of five budget wedding services that you really don’t want to hire. Instead, when it comes to these services, you should always pick something that is worth the price.

Five Budget Wedding Services to Avoid

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  1. Your wedding venue

Picking a budget wedding venue can be one of the worst ideas ever. You want your wedding to be in a memorable place, not a tacky location that looks run-down. Always look for a high-quality wedding venue and don’t be tempted to go with a cheaper option due to more availability.

No amount of decorating is going to uplift a cheap venue. Instead of trying to decorate a poorly-kept wedding venue, just go with a more expensive one that provides an assortment of essential wedding services instead.

  1. Your wedding photographer

A wedding photographer will help ensure that your big day is perfectly captured and recorded. This is why you should look for reputable photography services like Christophe Viseux Photography with a proven track record and plenty of experience. However, some people prefer to rely on budget photography services because they don’t believe that photography is a real skill that takes years of dedication.

A good photographer is essentially invisible. They might direct people for large group photographs, but otherwise, they’re always in the background capturing the essence of your wedding, ensuring that every guest is remembered and that every beautiful moment is recorded on film.

  1. Your wedding stylist

In order to create a truly memorable wedding, you absolutely need to look the part. Both the bride and groom need to be absolutely perfect since you only have one day to get it right. This is where your wedding stylist comes in handy.

In most cases, a budget stylist might be suitable if you already have a wedding gown picked out and your groom has had their suit tailored to their body type. Unfortunately, some wedding stylists might bundle the clothing into their services as well. If this is the case, then you can almost guarantee that the dress is going to be tacky and outdated and that your groom is going to look completely out of place. In short, avoid budget stylists that also take care of your wedding outfit as well!

  1. Your wedding caterer

In most cases, your venue will likely come with a catering service that is of equal calibre to the venue itself. So if you’ve got a fantastic venue, you’re probably going to have a fantastic catering service available to you. However, some venues don’t actually offer a catering service. Some couples might even be happy to see this since it means they can actually choose their own wedding caterer instead. However, if you see this as a cost-saving measure, you’ve got the wrong mindset!

Not only should the food be excellent to make your wedding memorable, but you also need to hire reputable chefs that can actually follow your demands and meet your requirements. The last thing you want is a caterer that forgets you have guests with strict diet requirements or runs out of pudding because they messed up some orders. You want a reputable caterer that can provide an excellent service, even if it means paying a little more than you expect.

  1. Your wedding planner

Lastly, your wedding planner should never be a budget option. You need a wedding planner that can provide you with an incredible level of service, one that makes you feel like everything is taken care of but still provides you with a level of personalization. They should make you feel like all of your requests are honoured and that they listen to you with care and intent. They should be like your best friend–a person you feel comfortable sharing ideas with.

A budget wedding planner will always make you feel on edge. They’ll make you feel like you aren’t important and they’ll take shortcuts wherever they can to get out of the job quickly and run away with your money. Nobody wants a bad wedding planner!

This is a collaborative post about Five Budget Wedding Services to Avoid.

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Five Budget Wedding Services to Avoid


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