Can You Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly?

Can You Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

Can You Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly?

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Eco-friendly behaviors and weddings can seem like an unusual pairing. For most brides and grooms, the environment – however central it is to their everyday life choices – rarely makes it on top of the to-do list when it comes to wedding planning. You’ve got so much to think about already between managing your guest seating plan, finding a menu that will be suitable for all dietary requirements – which can be challenging – and organizing the entertainment and music requirements. Besides, most couples dream of a magnificent and unforgettable ceremony, rich in colors, memories, and magical moments. The idea we all have of an eco-friendly friendly is far from being as shiny and glamorous as you want your wedding to be.

However, weddings can be surprisingly damaging to the environment. It’s common practice to trash your wedding dress by jumping into the water, running in the mud, or even riding a horse in the woods as a way of getting a breathtaking picture at the end of the day. Your dress, however, had a significant impact on the planet during its making, from the types of dye used to the material sourced. When you trash it, you increase the pressure to make more dresses, hence keeping harmful practices relevant.

With on average 200 to 400 guests, a meat feast or a buffet that gathered exotic ingredients can also become an environmental burden, without considering the impact travel – for all your guests – will have on the planet too. If you’re a nature lover, you need to look for green alternatives that keep the wedding just as magical as it should be without affecting the wildlife.

Can You Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

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Start with a venue that connects you to nature

First of all, you can begin your planning by focusing on the venue. An outdoor wedding is an excellent way of making nature the main actor of your big day, just like this couple did for their party. Ideally, you should try to look for a venue that is local, or that, at least, keeps travel to a minimum so that the car journey is short – or might even be manageable via other means of transportation such as using horse-drawn vehicles. Keep the decoration simple to enhance the natural beauty of your surroundings. If at all possible, opt for ethically sourced materials, such as selecting wood benches over plastic chairs for your guests.

What kind of props should you use?

Wedding decorations are one of the major factors of environmental damages on your big day. The cute name tags on the table, the flowers in the vase, the garlands that hang from the ceiling; most decorative items contain plastic and other non-recyclable materials. You can find green and equally appealing alternatives to tailor the venue to your needs without putting the planet at risk.

Start by getting rid of all cut flowers wherever possible. You can, instead, use succulent as wedding decorations for your tables, which means that they can also be given away as guest favors at the end of the day. The flowers, on the other end, dry out and fade. If you want to avoid the plastic name tags, you could bake biscuits that will serve as place cards on the tables. Not only do they look adorable, but they are a sweet addition too! You can be sure your guests will love the gesture!

Can your sustainable wedding dress work?

If you’re worried about sustainable and ethical clothing, your wedding dress can still look fantastic. You need to keep an eye on eco-friendly collections, such as these boutiques that use organic material for gorgeous results. Brides who can’t find the right design in ethically made gowns can also opt for a second-hand dress. Indeed, vintage and pre-loved dresses have a low environmental impact and look beautiful too. Besides, they tend to be more affordable than a brand new dress, so it’s a double win!

Choose a ring that does more than being pretty

Your wedding ring is a thing of beauty, which is why more brides can spend up to 10 months sourcing and picking the right ring. However, the ring can come at a hefty cost for the planet. Indeed, a diamond ring, for instance, could tell many ugly stories about its provenance, the slave labor involved in its mining as well as the poor living conditions in which mine communities try to survive. Additionally, the processes used in the mining process are devastating both for the miners’ health and the environment. Is it the kind of symbol of love you want to wear all your life?

Gold mining has similar issues. So, if you’re going to wear a ring, you want to make an ethical choice. You want your ring to be the result of conflict-free sourcing and recycled materials, at the very least! If you prefer an alternative to the ring, you should investigate a wedding tattoo, which is less harmful to the environment. Do make sure to ask for vegan ink, though!

Can You Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

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Your eco-friendly invitations

Ah, wedding stationery. Who doesn’t love to choose the best paper and design for their invitations? While it’s a dream for every bride, you might want to think twice about it. Your invitations, menu cards, thank you notes, and other communication will be printed on paper. Ultimately, ask yourself how many trees you think your wedding is worth. When going paperless doesn’t feel like a romantic choice, you can consider limiting your paper usage; some couples have used screen display for their menus, for instance. Additionally, you can opt for recycled material along with vegetable ink.

Go green for your menu too!

Can you provide an eco-friendly buffet that isn’t dull or tasteless? Going green, when it comes to your food choices, can be tricky. However, you can work with a specialist catering company and responsibly sourced ingredients as well as services. Using local ingredients, a chef can work with you to design the perfect menu to satisfy your guests and keep the planet safe!

It’s time to embrace your eco-friendly life choices with the knowledge that you can be both a beautiful and a green bride. Planning your wedding with the environment in mind doesn’t affect the magic of the day.

This is a collaborative post about Can You Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly?

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