8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

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Weddings are the perfect chance for a couple to share what’s most important to them, and couples are embracing this chance to celebrate their lifestyle choices with everyone they love. The trend of personalizing their big day over tradition is why eco-friendly and vegan ceremonies have become some of the most popular wedding trends for 2020.

Vegan couples abstain from products made of, from, or with animals. This includes products like silk and honey, as well as anything made using animal testing. So a vegan wedding is so much more than what caterer you choose. To help you plan your perfect wedding, Zola has created the ultimate vegan wedding planning guide.

Read our planning tips below or skip to the vegan wedding inspiration infographic at the bottom.

How to Plan a Plant-Based Celebration

1. Hire a vegan-friendly caterer 

Caterers are beginning to respond to the meatless trend with specialized plant-based menus and are expanding their knowledge of vegan cooking. Menus can include vegan twists on favorite dishes or creative plates of local, seasonal produce. If you can’t find a specialized vegan caterer, rest easy that most caterers offer plenty of vegan options.

2. Support vegan bakers

Many bakers already offer vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free treats⁠—but your best bet is with a tried and true vegan baker. They’re experts in making your plant-based dessert dreams come true.

Vegan bakers are also more likely to incorporate eco-friendly practices and ingredients into their business, too. So keep an eye out for companies that use sustainable packaging or donate unsold products.

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

3. Plan food stations

Interactive food stations can meet every guest’s needs and show how great veganism can taste. Prepare a vegan charcuterie board, or a wine and cheese tasting. A crepe station at a brunch wedding is guaranteed to be a hit, too. Everyone can find something they like and learn something new about vegan eats when there are so many options to choose from.

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

4. Mix vegan drinks

Most non-vegans don’t realize that a lot of alcoholic favorites aren’t vegan. Some beers and wines use animal-derived ingredients for flavors and filtration. You’re generally safe with liquor, so consider creating specialty themed cocktails with vegan mixers. Still, there are plenty of vegan beer and wine options to choose from!

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

5. Skip the faux-florals

Arranging your own fake flowers seems like a great deal, but the time, storage, and transportation involved mean it’s almost never worth it. Fake flowers are usually made of silk, plus their production, distribution, and disposal are a huge burden on the environment. Hire a florist and save yourself the headache and know that your florals are cruelty-free.

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

6. Get creative with your centerpieces  

Fresh fruits and veggies are the perfect way to add color to your decor. They add fun to floral arrangements and are beautiful, tasty additions to each table. Clean-up is super easy since leftovers can be taken as favors, donated, or composted.

7. Accept donations over gifts

Offer guests the choice to donate to your favorite charity as a gift. This can reduce the waste of packaging and the gift itself while showing your commitment to ending animal cruelty. This can be reversed, too—donate in your guests’ honor instead of ordering custom favors they’ll leave behind for you to clean up. 

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

8. Dress cruelty-free 

When you’re planning your wedding looks keep in mind that many cosmetics still use animal parts or testing in production. If you’re hiring a make-up artist make sure they use vegan products or provide your own. Ingredients to look out for are beeswax, shellac (secretion from beetles), and carmine (made of crushed bugs).

Similarly, fabrics like silk and wool are popular for gowns and tuxedos, and leather is common in accessories like shoes and belts. Shop for ethically sourced garments and jewelry to make sure no animals or people were harmed for your big day.

8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

Always remember that your wedding is your day to celebrate your love and lifestyle. Hosting a vegan ceremony is a great way to start the rest of your life without regrets. 

Check out these 9 vegan wedding ideas for design inspiration.

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vegan wedding ideas infographic

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8 Tips for Your Perfect Vegan Wedding

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