Engagement Photo Prop Ideas

This is us holding our LED wooden letters photo prop in an engagement photo taken by Lulan Photography.

Engagement Photo Prop Ideas

When we planned our engagement photo session in 2016, we chose to get a few different props. I will show you below which ones we used so you can get engagement photo prop ideas for you. In addition to the props we used, I will mention other cute props as well. If you are a photographer, here is another good resource on photo props.

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Here are the props we purchased for our engagement photo session in 2016:

Engagement Photo Prop Kit of 10 signs – there are a few cute signs in this package that you can use as props for your engagement photos.

engagement photo prop ideas
We are holding one of the prop signs. Photo taken by Lulan Photography.

“Engaged” Banner with hearts – if you do not like this engaged banner, Amazon has other engaged banners as well.

engagement photo prop ideas
Photo of us with our engaged banner taken by Lulan Photography.

LED Wooden Letters and “&” – so we got 2 letters and “&”. Hence, each letter was for the first letter of our names. So it ended up being L & J. 🙂 – we used these in a few of our engagement photos as a combination and just “&” sign as you will see below.

engagement photo prop ideas
First letters of each of our name with & photo taken by Lulan Photography.
engagement photo prop ideas
Here we are using the “&” LED sign as a prop – photo taken by Lulan Photography.

Customized Vintage Style Wedding Date Banner – There are other options available as well. You can also get this and maybe color it to your wedding color.

engagement photo prop ideas
Here we were holding our wedding date sign – photo taken by Lulan Photography.

Picture Frame – we took one of our old picture frames and removed the glass and the back of it and made it a prop. However, if you do not have a picture frame at home, you can purchase one on Amazon at the link below.

engagement photo prop ideas
Picture frame with us in the background – photo taken by Lulan Photography.

Vendors for our Engagement Photos:

Photographer – Lulan Photography 

Props – Amazon

Clothing – Nordstrom

Hair and Makeup – Stephany Moratalla

Here are additional engagement photo prop ideas:

Scrabble Tiles – so you can spell out words like LOVE, ALWAYS, FOREVER, and anything else you like.

engagement photo prop ideas
Forever and Always Scrabble tiles with an engagement ring.

In addition, you can use bicycle as a photo prop for your engagement photos. However, bicycles can be pricy if you do not already have one.

lene travis wedding
Lene and Travis engagement photo taken by Mike Aaron Photography

In Conclusion:

If you have any questions or comments then please comment below.

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please click here – Disclosures.

Engagement Photo Prop Ideas


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