Pro Tips: How to Move During a Pandemic

Pro Tips: How to Move During a Pandemic

This is a collaborative post on Pro Tips: How to Move During a Pandemic.

We are living in a weird time, there’s no doubt about it, but significant events are still happening.

Everything may look a little different, but couples are still getting married, people are taking new jobs and moving cross-country, and America and the world are getting to know their “new” normal.

Moving during a pandemic certainly looks different these days, whether locally or long-distance, but they are manageable to do safely. With the proper precautions, enforcing social distancing, and holding yourself and moving company responsible for abiding by the CDC’s guidelines, making a move can be done!

Let’s take a look at what moving companies are doing differently and how you can help limit the number of interactions during a move while keeping the whole process running smoothly.

Are Moves Still Happening During COVID-19?

Lives have been put on pause, but the show must go on—in a safe way! We have all had to put big life events on the back burner for the majority of 2020, but at some point, you need to make the changes you intended to (if you’re able).

Moving is one of the life-changing events that can be safely managed during the pandemic. Both moving companies and those moving should be trying their absolute hardest to abide by the CDC, federal and local guidelines to keep everyone in the process safe.

You may be moving by choice, which is very exciting, and you may be moving due to a state of emergency, but either way, moving during this uncertain time is a little more stressful than usual. The good news is that we are all in it together, and everyone is doing their best to keep others safe.

How is Moving Different During COVID-19?

It might not be as lax as it used to be, but moving during COVID-19 is safe and much more efficient. Ensure the moving companies you are looking at hiring follow the proper guidelines to keep you and their team safe. You should be comfortable with the moving company’s procedures, and during a time like this, they should be going above and beyond to make you feel protected.

What Moving Companies Are Doing

Taking temperatures

Almost all businesses have begun taking temperatures of their employees every day when they arrive at work. This ensures that no one is working while having a high temperature and trying to work even though they shouldn’t be. COVID-19 symptoms show and arise differently in every person, so taking temperatures at the start of an employee’s shift can help keep the virus’s spread in check.

Getting Tested Every 2 Weeks

Another tactic that companies are doing to stop the spread of COVID-19 is by having their staff get tested every two weeks. This is a timeline that the CDC states symptoms could start to show themselves. By having their team tested, this can nip any potential cases in the bud.

Wearing Masks and Gloves

Masks are mandated for most states and cities, and for moving companies in particular where a lot of items are being touched, wearing gloves have been added to their process. If a moving company you are interviewing doesn’t make their team wear masks, it’s in your best interest to find another one. Many companies are happy to abide by regulations to keep everyone safe, so there’s no need to settle.

Sanitizing and Social Distancing

It’s not realistic to continuously wash your hands during a move when you’re always touching and handling things, so, in combination with washing your hands for 20 seconds, sanitizing is another great way to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

You should ask the movers you interview about their social distancing and sanitation guidelines.

What You Can Do

Do Virtual Tours & Surveys

Before the pandemic hit the world by storm, when you hired a moving company, they would typically come by your home to survey it, note the number of items you had, and give an in-person quote.

Since limited contact is essential during the pandemic, you may have to put in a little more work, but it’s worth it to be safe, right?

If you haven’t started the packing process yet, the moving company may ask you to record a virtual tour of your home so that they can get a better idea of how much you’ll be moving. This will give them a more accurate picture of the move and, thus, a more precise quote for you. If you’ve already started the packing process, they may ask you to take pictures of your boxes to see how big they are, consider their weight, and how many you have.

Social Distance & Sanitize

We all know about social distancing, but not everyone always abides by it. If you can’t social distance during your move, make sure you wear gloves and masks to protect yourself and others.

Along with social distancing, sanitization is critical. Just like moving companies are going out of their way and taking the time to sanitize their trucks, dollies, and gear, you should meet their efforts to sanitize all you can on your side of the move as well.

Label Everything

During a pre-COVID move, it was normal for you to tell the movers which boxes go where but with social distancing, this isn’t necessarily the best option for a smooth move. Instead, label your boxes and items by room and with as much detail as possible, like fragile items, pet supplies, clothes, and food so that you know which things go where, and are easily able to get into items you’ll need right when you’re in your new home!

Moving during a pandemic is not ideal, but it’s completely doable with the proper precautions and regulations in line. Remember that we are all trying our best right now, so give grace in these confusing times. Cheers to your new move!

This is a collaborative post on Pro Tips: How to Move During a Pandemic.

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