Preserving Wedding Memories Ideas for Newlyweds

preserving wedding memories

Preserving Wedding Memories Ideas for Newlyweds

There are so many beautiful ways for preserving wedding memories so I will share all those I did so far. In addition, I will share some other good ideas that I have not done myself.

Preserving Wedding Memories Ideas I did:

  1. Wedding dress preservation

    – I had my wedding dress preserved through a vendor –  Wedding Gown Preservation Company as seen on the box below. They cleaned and preserved the dress, sash, and veil. That’s me taking a picture of my wedding dress preservation box. preserving wedding memories

  2. Flower bouquet preservation

    – you can preserve a full bouquet or just parts of it, which is what I chose to do with my wedding bouquet as can be seen below. In addition, you can pick the type and size of your frame (my vendor was Picture This Picture That). Moreover, I included our wedding picture in the frame.preserving wedding memories

  3. Wedding cake and flower bouquet mini replicas

    – vendor Jessie Raye’s Miniatures made mini replicas of my wedding cake and flower bouquet. I used them as ornaments this past Christmas since it was our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. After the holidays, I display them in a glass dome. See below: preserving wedding memoriespreserving wedding memories

  4. Wedding photo album

    – I designed our wedding photo album myself; however, I know that some photographers offer that as well. Any way you choose to do a wedding photo album, whether yourself or have a photographer do it, is a great way to preserve your wedding memories. See below for the cover of the wedding photo album – 11 x 14 inches flush mount album. preserving wedding memories

  5. Magnets for the fridge

    – another great way to preserve your wedding memories is through your wedding pictures on magnets so that you can put them on your fridge. I made a few magnets of our wedding pictures for our fridge because it’s nice to look that them every day as you open the fridge. Here is one of them. preserving wedding memories

  6. Wedding pictures around the house

    – traditional way is to print your wedding pictures and hang them on the wall or place them in frames on the shelves. So that’s what we did. Here is one example – it’s a metal picture. In addition, we also have our wedding photos in frames all around our home (living room and bedroom). preserving wedding memories

  7. Sand ceremony jars from the wedding

    – if you had a unity ceremony such as a sand ceremony then you can display it at home and by looking at it you will always remember that special day. We had a sand ceremony so we have our customized sand jars displayed next to our wedding pictures.preserving wedding memories

  8. Guest book and signature frame

    – both a traditional guest book or an alternative to guest book are great ways to preserve wedding memories. For example, we had a guest book alternative such as a heart drop as well as a signature frame with our engagement photo displayed. preserving wedding memoriespreserving wedding memories

  9. Wedding decorations

    – I wrote about what to do with decorations after the wedding here since there are a few options available to you. However, one great wedding memory preservation idea is to use them as a home decor as can be seen below – we display them at our home. preserving wedding memories preserving wedding memories

  10. RSVP and advice cards from guests in an album – I saved all of our guests’ RSVP and advice cards as well as return envelopes in a photo album as can be seen below. I just thought it was a nice wedding memory to have. preserving wedding memoriespreserving wedding memories

Preserving Wedding Memories Ideas I have not done myself:

  1. Display frame for your wedding dress so that you can hang it in your closet.
  2. Quilt made out of your wedding dress so that you can display it daily.
  3. Teddy Bears made out of your wedding dress so that you can give to your children.
  4. Wedding invitation, vows, marriage certificate all in separate frames so that you can always see them.
  5. Shadow box so that you can keep any other special items from the wedding.

In Conclusion:

I hope you found this post informative and you were able to get some ideas on preserving wedding memories. Please let me know in the comments below how you plan to preserve your wedding memories. In addition, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments section below. Moreover, if you have any other ideas, please share.

Thank you so much for reading and for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day and night!

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