Name Change After The Wedding – How and Where

name change
name change

Name Change After The Wedding – How and Where

Name change after the wedding is an exciting time but it is definitely not a quick process. Below is a list of steps of how and where I changed my last name in California. Even though below steps apply to California, they should be common among the rest of the United States.

Main Steps: Name change after the wedding

name change
arrival of marriage certificate in the mail
  • Wait and receive your marriage certificate – it is requirement. For us, after the wedding, Officiant Eric filled out our marriage license and mailed it to Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. He mailed it so that our marriage certificate could be recorded. Our wedding was in March 2017 and we received our marriage certificate in May 2017 so it took about 2 months.
name change
ticket number at social security office
  • Change your name on Social Security Card – it is free to do so. Here are the instructions on how to do it – Social Security Card Correction Instructions. You can either mail the required documents to your Social Security Office or take them in person. You will need your marriage certificate and an application – Social Security Form 5. In my case, I decided to go to the office and it didn’t take long at all as I already had my application filled out and there weren’t that many people.
name change
ticket number at dmv
  • After you change your name on Social Security Card, you can then change your name on State Driver’s License/Identification Card. You will need your marriage certificate, application form, and application fee. For California Department of Motor Vehicles, please see instructions here – CA DMV Correction Instructions. In my case, I went to DMV right after Social Security Office.

Additional Steps:

  • Complete US Passport Name Change. Instructions are here – US Passport Correction Instructions.
  • Change your name at your banks, credit cards, student loans, health/car insurance.
  • Complete change of your name at your place of work.
  • If you’d like, you can also update your name on your university diploma.
  • Let your doctors know that you changed your name.
  • Post office, utility companies, airline rewards, hotel rewards, landlord, mortgage, voter registration, investments, attorneys, gym memberships, and anything else that I might have missed, all should know of your name update as well.
  • In addition, update your name on social media accounts.
name change
social media

In Conclusion:

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how to change your name after the wedding


  1. What if did not change my last name on my marriage license but would like to change it now after the wedding? I heard it is a long process in California and would need a court order?

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