Yesenia and Javier Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles

yesenia javier wedding

Yesenia Javier Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles

Aurea Luna from Aurea’s Photography beautifully captured Yesenia Javier Wedding photos as can be seen below. Main location of these wedding photos is Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. In the photos below, Walt Disney Concert Hall serves as a unique, futuristic, and marvelous architectural backdrop. So this backdrop makes for some stunning photos of Yesenia and Javier wedding.

Here is Aurea Luna in her own words from her website:

“Now with the help of my parents my dream came true to have my own photography business , a family business. love to be part of peoples special moments: their wedding day…”

Vendor links are available below the photos.

In the photo below, is it the bride holding the bouquet or the groom – cool how it turned out.

yesenia javier wedding

Here are Yesenia and Javier together in love and their beautiful reflection.yesenia javier wedding yesenia javier wedding yesenia javier wedding yesenia javier weddingyesenia javier wedding yesenia javier wedding yesenia javier wedding yesenia javier wedding


Location – Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles.

Photographer – Aurea Luna from Aurea’s Photography. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Other vendors involved are not available yet.

More about the photographer Aurea Luna is in this Voyage LA article

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yesenia javier wedding

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