Sarena and Richard Wedding at Preston Ridge Vineyard in Preston, CT

sarena-richard wedding

Sarena-Richard Wedding at Preston Ridge Vineyard in Preston, CT

When you see Sarena-Richard wedding photos, you notice how beautifully the wedding colors were incorporated into every detail (even the bike) as well as how perfectly the wedding photos were captured by Tiny Human Photography. Bride, groom, bridal party, the details, and cake all look gorgeous.

From Tiny Human Photography:

“As photographers we love things that stand out. Shine a light on a unique cloud or color in the surrounding.  On this day we had a lot of great things to feed from. The groom drove in on a maroon Harley. He wore his blue suit and cruised the vineyard for a little bit. The clouds and little bit of rain created some wonderful cloud coverage that hung in the background. During the ceremony the clouds broke to a perfectly timed sunset just seconds before they took their exit. Details, food and party favors were quite incredible.”

Sarena-Richard Wedding Photos:

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Associated Vendors:

Photographer: Tiny Human Photography LLC
Caterer: da hospitality group
Floral Designer: Sharon Elizabeth’s
Dress Store: Kleinfeld Bridal
Event Venue: Preston Ridge Vineyard

Submitted via Two Bright Lights.

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sarena-richard wedding

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