Monica and William Destination Wedding in Bogota, Colombia

monica william destination wedding
Bride and Groom by the lake - photo taken by loop studios.

Monica William Destination Wedding in Bogotá, Colombia

Monica William Destination Wedding was especially beautiful by the lake as you will see below. So I would like to begin with a little background on how Monica and I know each other. I met Monica in college while we both studied for Associate’s Degree about 15 years ago. When we graduated from college, we went to different universities for Bachelor’s Degree. While I stayed in Southern California, Monica moved to Northern California. However, we kept in touch via Facebook.

So Monica and William met while studying at university during their senior year and started dating in 2008. They went through grad school together but with different majors. William graduated with Master’s Degree and Monica continued with PhD. After grad school, Monica and William moved to NJ because she got a job there. A couple of months after they moved, William proposed to Monica in 2016. A few words from Monica:

“He took me out on a picnic to a really nice park in front of a lake – my favorite plan! so after 8 years of dating, we got engaged.”

They planned their wedding for March 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia because that is Monica’s home town. William is from Venezuela. Another few words from Monica:

“Our wedding was outside, in front of a lake (like in the engagement!) and our dinner and party were inside. We had a great time and now we are happily married :)”

Fun fact – my wedding was also in March 2017 and by the lake like Monica.

Beautiful photos from Monica William Destination Wedding:

Monica William Destination Wedding
Walking down the aisle photo by Loop Studios.
Monica William Destination Wedding
Ceremony photo by Loop Studios.
Monica William Destination Wedding
Smiling bride and groom photo by Loop Studios.
Monica William Destination Wedding
Bride photo by Loop Studios.
Monica William Destination Wedding
Looking at each other photo by Loop Studios.
Monica William Destination Wedding
Table decorations photo by Loop Studios.

Instead of the cake, Monica and William chose to have a table of desserts.

Monica William Destination Wedding
Desserts table photo by Loop Studios.

Vendors involved in the Wedding:

Hair and Makeup: Shalo
Flowers and Decoration: La Fioreria

In Conclusion:

I hope you were inspired by Monica and William destination wedding in Bogotá, Colombia.

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