Kelsie and Zac Wedding at McMenamins Edgefield in Oregon

kelsie zac wedding

Kelsie Zac Wedding at McMenamins Edgefield in Oregon

Kelsie shared her story with us from how she met Zac to how he proposed and finally of their beautiful wedding. Below you will see some of the beautiful Kelsie Zac Wedding photos as well as their engagement photos.

Here is Kelsie in her own words:

My name is Kelsie,  my husband Zac and I met while we were both working for the Character Department at The Disneyland Resort. We became fast friends, he was always one of my favorite people to work with. We were both in other relationships on and off while we worked together, I moved states with my then boyfriend and moved back two months later. We were both Single, and I was ready to confess my huge crush to Zac. We went on our first date 4 days after I moved back home and the rest is history. It was absolutely true love’s kiss. I knew we would be together forever from date one.
He is originally from Oregon, so on a trip to Oregon to visit he proposed. It was at a beautiful lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.
We got married at Edgefield, which is sort of like a hotel resort? Basically it’s a bunch of tiny little bars and restaurants all wrapped around this gorgeous property of gardens. The main hotel is an old Poor Farm. It’s hard to explain. It’s very Oregon.
We were married 5/14/16. Its been an amazing (almost two) years.

Here are the photos:

kelsie zac wedding
kelsie zac wedding
kelsie zac wedding
kelsie zac wedding
kelsie zac wedding


Engagement and Wedding Photos: Velvet Flare Photography

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