MiaDonna lab-grown diamonds worth checking out

MiaDonna Lab-Grown Diamonds

MiaDonna lab-grown diamonds worth checking out

Today, I would love to share with you all about the beautiful, ethical, and affordable MiaDonna lab-grown diamonds. MiaDonna’s name comes from combining the names of the founder’s daughter, Mia, and mother, Donna. After the founder, Anna-Mieke Anderson, learned the origin of her earth-mined diamond, she became passionate to find a conflict free solution and that’s how MiaDonna was born.

When you purchase eco-friendly MiaDonna lab-grown diamonds, a portion of the proceeds goes to The Greener Diamond Foundation, MiaDonna’s charity foundation that helps restore the lives and land damaged by the conflict diamond industry.

MiaDonna sells not just conflict free engagement rings but also wedding bands for both men and women, loose diamonds and gemstones, and accessories like earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

In addition to purchasing jewelry on MiaDonna’s website, you can also visit their showroom in Portland, Oregon. They offer free U.S. shipping and a 30 day return policy. Moreover, they also offer financing options with no prepayment penalties.

If you would like to try their rings, MiaDonna offers a 100% free Home Try-On Program where you select 3 sample styles which are shipped to you for free and you have 5 days to try them with no obligation to purchase. By the 6th day, you package and ship everything back with the return label provided.

Below you will find 5 reasons to choose MiaDonna lab-grown diamonds.

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5 Reasons to Choose MiaDonna lab-grown diamonds:

1. They are 100% real diamonds.

  • Lab-grown diamonds are chemically, optically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds, but their price is up to 40% less and they come free of any humanitarian and or environmental abuse.
  • MiaDonna offers the largest selection of lab-grown Type IIa diamonds. These are the purest form of diamond, making them brighter and harder than 98% of earth-mined diamonds.

MiaDonna Lab-Grown Diamonds

2. They have resale value.

  • The term “a diamond is forever” has led us to believe that there is no diamond resale value. While there is beauty behind that statement, it can inhibit diamonds from returning to the market. The truth is, most earth-mined diamonds have resale value and most lab-created diamonds will have a similar resale value as well.

MiaDonna Lab-Grown Diamonds

3. They don’t harm the planet.

  • Some of the largest holes dug in the Earth are from diamond mines. To extract these gemstones with heavy machinery requires immense amounts of fossil fuels and disruption of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Choosing lab-grown diamonds eliminates this interruption in the environment.

MiaDonna Lab-Grown Diamonds

4. They save entire ecosystems.

  • The destruction of ecosystems reaches far beyond the holes that are dug in the earth as a result of diamond mining. Entire ecosystems have been put in danger due to diamond mining. Deep-sea mining is only one example of the damage natural diamonds have on the planet. Lab-grown diamonds eliminate this destruction and save ecosystems.

MiaDonna Lab-Grown Diamonds

5. They help diamond mining communities.

  • Lab-grown diamonds are totally conflict-free and in many ways create peace. These diamonds are untainted by violence and mining, keeping with strict labor and environmental standards.They do not contribute to the bloodshed in diamond mining communities nor war-torn countries. By choosing a MiaDonna lab-grown diamond, you in turn support diamond mining communities and build a safer, peaceful future for these individuals.
  • For every purchase, MiaDonna donates a portion of sales to their foundation The Greener Diamond. These funds support educational, mentorship, agricultural, and urgent relief programs in diamond mining communities.

MiaDonna Lab-Grown Diamonds

About MiaDonna

Founded by a mother passionate to create change in the world, MiaDonna was established with a single objective: to offer consumers beautiful, ethical and affordable fine diamond jewelry that would help free innocent children oppressed by the active conflict diamond mining industry.

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MiaDonna Lab-Grown Diamonds

This post is sponsored by MiaDonna. Thank you so much for supporting our sponsors!

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MiaDonna lab-grown diamonds worth checking out

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