Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond

Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond
Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond

Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond

This is a collaborative post on Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond.

Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond
Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond

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If you are in the position of buying a diamond from someone you neither know nor have heard of, you are in a predicament. Of course, the diamond could be real, making it a good investment or an opportunity not to be missed – but it could also be a fake designed to deprive you of your hard-earned money! Wherever possible, you should try and get your diamonds from reputable suppliers, and insist that they come with GIA or AGS accreditation. There are a number of reputable and impartial guides to spotting fake diamonds, such as this one from Pricescope diamond and jewelry forum: Here are some ways to spot a fake diamond.

Read-through/ Dot test

This test can only be undertaken on loose stones. Place the stone over a line of text, such as that found in a newspaper or book, and see if you can read the text through it. If you can read the letters quite clearly, you have a fake diamond on your hands. So thoroughly does a diamond reflect the light that you should not be able to see through it at all – even distorted letters and paper should not be visible through the diamond. The dot test is similar. When the dot is under the diamond, it should not be at all visible.

However, other stones can also reflect light well enough to pass as a diamond, so while you can prove a stone is not a diamond, you cannot prove that it is one for sure. All you can say is that it may be authentic.

Scintillation & Sparkle

Diamond experts can tell a fake stone from a real one by eye. Scintillation refers to the black and white glitter that can be seen inside the diamond, while a rainbow light is seen outside. This makes the stone seem to wink and glitter as it moves and adds very much to the attractiveness of the stone. Sparkle is that rainbow flame that is almost unique to diamonds. In order to determine the authenticity of a diamond an expert will usually take a known diamond and hold it close to the stone that is being valued, comparing and contrasting the scintillation and sparkle of the two.

However, a poorly cut diamond can fail this test, as can one with inclusions that interfere with the light refraction. Moissanite can sometimes sparkle and scintillate as well as a diamond, so once again, the test is not 100% reliable.

Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond
Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond

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With My Little Eye…

A jeweler with a loupe can sometimes see tell-tale signs of a fake stone. These include rounded edges to the facets, and a lack of all impurities. Only 0.01% of natural diamonds have no visible flaws, and thus are very rare indeed. Cut diamonds tend to have sharp edges, so a stone with no visible flaws at all, even under high magnification, and smoothed facet edges will almost certainly be a fake.

As with many of these tests, it is possible for a real diamond to be dismissed or a fake one to slip through, so care should be taken to administer more testing if there is any doubt.

Look Around

If the purported diamond has been set in cheap metal, or has been crafted with a lack of care or skill, then it is most likely not real. Real diamonds cost a lot, and thus are mined with care, cut and set with skill and expertise, and mounted into precious metals. Of course, stranger things have happened, and no stone should be dismissed on such a basis, but in general, a cheap costume ring will not contain a king’s ransom-sized diamond! Unfortunately!

Thermal/ Electrical Conductivity

Diamonds, being made from sturdy carbon crystals, are both thermally and electrically conductive. Cubic zirconia is neither, and moissanite, while thermally conductive, is not electrically so. In this way, once a diamond has passed all the other tests, the application of a small electrical current can determine, with certainty, whether the stone you hold is a diamond. There are devices that use just a tiny amount of current to check the conductivity of a stone, without any risk to the user.

This is a collaborative post on Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond.

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Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond
Five Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond

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