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Here at AisleMemories, we love to showcase amazing vendors. We are so excited that you are considering AisleMemories wedding blog in order to advertise your products or services.

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We offer different ways to help promote your brand so you can reach your ideal customer. Moreover, we can also work together in order to build a custom package just for your business.

Sidebar Advertising: 

We will showcase your brand on the sidebar of AisleMemories wedding blog, which is visible on every post and page. When readers click on your ad on the sidebar, the blog will take them directly to your website.

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We can work together to bring exposure to your products or services in an authentic way. This way, we can connect our readers to your brand by creating content that exceeds all expectations. Additionally, giveaway is a great way to spread the word about your brand. Hence, we would love to hear about your suggestions on the giveaways that readers of AisleMemories wedding blog can receive. We really appreciate the giveaway opportunity when it comes along our way.


We know that people love an easy access to visual inspiration and Instagram is the perfect solution for that. We can choose an image of your brand products or services and include your Instagram handle. In addition, we will add the description of your products or services to draw our audience to click on your account.

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Couples also love Pinterest because that is where they can always find ideas and inspiration for anything. We enjoy using Pinterest to draw couples to our blog. If you choose to advertise on AisleMemories wedding blog then we will pin images directly from your brand website.

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We will post images of your brand products or services along with a link to your Facebook page or website. We will include a description of your business to entice our audience to click-through to your page.

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In addition to our new blog content, we also post previous articles, and re-tweet sponsors and brands that we love.

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Youtube is another great way to promote your brand products or services by making a video people will find informative.

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